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Happiness By Design - Eco Line

Sustainability is About Choices.... Your Choices

Your Customers Want to Know You Care

The Chrysal ECO line is here to help make the flower industry more sustainable and give you product choices your customers will support.  Tell your customers about your commitments to sustainability, explain how your choices make a difference. 

Chrysal Eco - Bag in a Box

Chrysal Bag in a Box

- 85% Less Plastic

- Recycable Outer Carton

- Double Concentrate Formula - 5ML

- Less Freight

Chrysal Professional 2 Formula

Chrysal Eco - New
Chrysal Eco - Arrive Alive Eco

Chrysal Arrive Alive® Eco

- Keeps flowers without a vase or bucket
- Fully Compostable
- Made from renewable resources
- Reduces water use

Eco-friendly flower wrap creates a water reservoir!

Chrysal Eco - Arrive Alive

Chrysal Paper Sachet Chrysal Eco

100% recyclable

Plastic free

Improves vase of flowers

Made from TCF pulp (chlorine free)