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Flower Trends Forecast - Happiness By Design


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Happiness By Design

It is widely known that in the aftermath of the pandemic the consumers’ perception of self-care shifted from luxury to necessity. And while buzzwords like self-care and mindfulness have remained in the spotlight for some time, this trend has not yet hit its plateau.  It’s been scientifically proven that daily interactions with nature and more specifically flowers improve overall mood and well-being.

The promotion of flowers as a salve for the current day human struggles of stress, depression and anxiety serves as a central call to action. And with more consumers working from home, the home has become and will continue to be a “healing hub” and a haven in which bringing Mother Nature inside can have a multitude of restorative benefits.  Through the magic of flowers, as an industry we can help create and sustain Happinss by Design.



Wellness is a priority for seasonal and occasional gifting, with events such as Mother’s Day capturing 4.4% of “self-care” conversations in 2022up from 1.8%in 2018


Mentions of #selfcare and #wellness
show continuous growth on social media.

According to a 2021 US/UK study from Child Mind Institute, during the pandemic 55% of kids felt more “sad, depressed or unhappy” versus 25% of adults. In the US the mental health crisis among children and adolescents became so prevalent pediatric health experts declared it a national emergency in October 2021


#wellness has 6 billion views on Tik Tok

Global wellness industry is valued at $1.5 trillion in 2021, up from $639 billion in 2020. The Global Wellness Institute estimates the industry could grow to a $7 trillion industry by 2025

79% believe wellness is important and 42% say it’s a top priority.



 Microtrend MotherNaturesMedicine  

Microtrend MotherNaturesMedicine Swatches

Humans have been using flowers and plants since the beginning of time to cure ailments and provide relief. The Mother Nature's Medicine Micro Trend explores the consumer's interest in flowers extending beyond traditional floral arrangements. 

Consumers are using blooms and nature's bounty in their health and beauty rituals, in beverages, as well as in "grounding" therapy to relieve stress and anxiety. 

The palette for this trend takes on more muted tones, including lavenders and soft peaches that provide a soothing color scheme.


Microtrend BloomingEndorphins Swatches

In several studies over the past decade, most notably those conducted
by Rutgers University and University of North Florida, it was scientifically proven that flowers have immediate and long-term positive effects on both men and women (Rutgers) and reduce stress (North FL).

Given these findings, it’s no wonder consumers continue to turn to flowers post-Covid to boost their moods. Blooming Endorphins
is all about finding joy in the colorful petal palette of a seasonal bouquet or the receiving of an artfully designed arrangement. And consumers can turbo-charge those endorphins when they create their own bouquets and arrangements with the help of a skilled and patient designer!

Happiness, joy and a sense of accomplishment –
Blooming Endorphins indeed!



Microtrend BloomingEndorphins






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Activation Idea One

Activate Collage

Leverage assets from That Flower Feeling by using the available predesigned in-store signage. Share the pre-existing social media campaigns and offer special That Flower Feeling bouquets to help promote self-care purchases. Consider a contribution to That Flower Feeling fund to support their on going industry-wide marketing efforts. It truly is an investment in yourself!

Activation Idea Two

Get creative! Develop kits that pair flowers with other self-care items such as candles, bath salts, face masks or floral infused soaps. Be intentional about this offering – it can’t just be an item on your website. Draw attention to the need for self-care and promote your solution. There are marketing assets available for your use through both That Flower Feeling and Flower Trends Forecast.

Activation Idea Three

Create a rewards program centered around self-care called "Just For Me." Use the tagline: 5 For Me and the 6th One is FREE! Use the flower rewards card provided by the Flower Trends Forecast team for easy tracking. This will increase walk-in traffic and help create the habit of having flowers in the home.

Activation Idea Four

Self-care subscriptions – this isn’t a new idea; however, it’s still a good idea! Let your customers know you understand their daily challenges and you can provide an easy way to decompress. Offer different options for different budgets -3, 6 or 12 months. Don't forget to help your customers keep their stems fresher longerwith Chrysal's Compostable flower food sachets, as well as their Eco-Fresh Arrive Alive hydration solution for flower transportation.