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What is...

Petals with Purpose?

This trend emphasizes the importance of social responsibility within the floral industry, showcasing how floral businesses can have a positive impact on their communities.

From ethical labor practices to cause marketing initiatives, discover how "Petals with Purpose" is inspiring the floral industry to align with consumer preferences for brands that make a difference. Join us as we explore how each bloom can sow seeds of positive impact and societal change.

Petals with Purpose Sponsors

  • 70% of people believe brands have a responsibility to positively impact the world.
    - Home and Interiors Macro Trends 2023 (from WGSN)

  • Consumers expect companies and business leaders to address and solve macro socio-environmental challenges, with 68% of those surveyed saying CEOs should step in when the government does not fix societal problems.
    -Sustainability Strategies 2023 (from WGSN)

  • According to a survey of 27,000 people from 27 international markets, one in three expect businesses to be an active part of the solution to global societal and environmental issues.
    - BBMG x GlobeScan survey

  • High-purpose brands will double their market value more than four times faster than low-purpose brands.
    -IR Magazine 2020 Corporate Study
  • 71% of Gen Z consumers said their impression of a brand is positively impacted by its association with a social cause.
    -Do Something Strategic

  • The majority of global consumers (68%) expect companies to step in to address societal issues where governmental institutions are struggling, from economic inequality to gender rights at work.
    - Sustainability Strategies 2023 (from WGSN)

Lets explore our two microtrends:

  • FloraComm-Unity

  • Charity Blooms

FloraComm-Unity is about building stronger communities through collaboration and local support. Florists are encouraged to partner with local growers, artisans, and community organizations to enhance local economic development and foster unity.

Charity Blooms encourages florists to incorporate cause marketing into their business strategy by creating special bouquets that support meaningful causes. From breast cancer awareness to veterans’ support, these partnerships have a dual purpose of increasing profitability and contributing to societal change.

Activation Ideas for FloraComm-Unity:

Host Community Workshops:

Offer floral arrangement workshops to engage with the community and share skills.

Employ Local Artisans:

Collaborate with local artists for unique vase designs, showcasing local talent in your store.

Create a Community Support Program:

Dedicate a day where a percentage of sales goes to a local charity.

Sponsor Local Events:

Provide floral decorations or sponsorships for farmers’ markets, school functions, and festivals.

Partner with Local Growers:

Source flowers and plants from local farms to support the local economy and reduce emissions.

Activation Ideas for Charity Blooms:

Highlight Impact Stories:

Share how the proceeds from charity bouquets positively impact the supported organizations.

Launch Charity Days:

Dedicate a day of the week where a percentage of sales goes to charity.

Create Themed Bouquets:

Design special collections for causes like mental health awareness, breast cancer research, and veterans’ support.

Partner with Local Charities:

Collaborate with non-profits to create unique floral arrangements that support their mission.


We'd like to thank our generous sponsors, who embody the #PetalsWithPurpose trend and support our mission to create positive change in the floral industry.


Leading the industry toward a sustainable future with guides and resources on social and environmental responsibility. Visit to sign up for their newsletter or donate to support their free research initiatives that are available to all.


Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, promoting water stewardship, and providing sustainable packaging solutions. Visit to learn more about their sustainability initiatives and how they are creating positive impact.